Today’s Action by XR Dorking

We are at a crossroads.The nature of the recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic will determine the extent to which we can limit the worst impacts of the climate and ecological emergency.

It is clear that the world needs to cut carbon emissions in a robust and sustained way starting now or climate targets will be out of reach.

If the Government doesn’t Act Now, we will be facing ‘untold suffering‘: global food shortages, severe droughts (already widespread in Africa) and flooding, leading to displacement and conflict over resources.

Inaction = Death

Thursday 25th June sees the latest report from the Committee  on Climate Change (CCC) presented to parliament.  Last year, the CCC reported that only one of their 25 recommended headline policy actions had been delivered in full.  This inaction by the Government puts lives at risk and breaches trust.

Today we have delivered a letter to our MP, Sir Paul Beresford.  The letter is available to view here and we would encourage you to write to him too.