Surrey Pension Fund Divestment Campaign

Despite long running campaigns to persuade them, the Surrey Pension Fund (SPF) Committee has refused to commit to selling its investments in fossil fuel producers. The most recent data we have (May 2019) showed £151m of investments in oil & gas companies. In response to pressure at the last pensions committee meeting the written response was:

Holding zero fossil fuel investments in the Fund’s portfolio has no impact whatsoever in reducing the impact of climate change

We disagree with that statement on several levels and moreover see continuing to invest in fossil fuel companies as being increasingly risky and inconsistent with the Fund’s other sustainability goals.

Read more about the campaign here.

What can you do?

Join the protest at County Hall in Kingston, 9am on March 13th 2020.

Write an email or letter to the SPF board members. Crib sheet here.

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