news from one week in october 2022

Sunday OCTOBER 23rd – 19C/13C

Report from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) finds new fossil fuels ‘incompatible’ with 1.5C goal. link

Monday OCTOBER 24th – 18C/12C

Poll finds 66% of UK public support direct action to protect environment link

Tuesday OCTOBER 25th – 18C/10C

Government’s efforts to protect UK rivers described as ‘abject failure’ – Two thirds of cattle farms in north Devon cause river pollution, Environment Agency report link

Government emissions projections show that UK will overshoot our 2030 Paris agreement emissions commitment by 40% and we’ll blow our 6th Carbon Budget by a whopping 100% link

France, Spain, the Netherlands & Poland have exited Energy Charter Treaty – UK need to do the same.  Energy Charter Treaty allows corporations to sue countries for acting on climate.

Interview with Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate on BBC R4 Woman’s Hour:

“some of the questions have been: ‘How extreme should climate activism go?’  And my answer to that is also a question: ‘How extreme should environmental destruction go?’  And sometimes, especially with the reactions I saw with the soup and the painting, if only that frustration and criticism, if only people had those same frustrations towards children that are starving as a result of malnutrition in the Horn of Africa, if only people carried that anger and that frustration for the people that are suffering as a result of floods in Pakistan.  I just wish that we stopped discussing what mode of action is right or not, or not right, and really focused on the major issues that are happening right now and people are suffering right now.  And to be honest, it’s a place of privilege for some people to know about the climate crisis through maybe their traffic being distracted, but for certain communities, to know about the climate crisis, they live it.  They don’t just get a traffic distraction.  So I think people should really ask themselves where the criticism and the frustration should really be directed to.”

Wednesday OCTOBER 26th – 19C/12C

Human health ‘at the mercy of fossil fuels’ – The Lancet Countdown link

Lower income countries paying the highest price as emissions and fossil fuel profits rocket – 189 million people per year have been affected by extreme weather-related events in developing countries since 1991. link

Rishi Sunak re-appoints Suella Braverman – despite her having resigned for breaking the Ministerial Code a few days earlier

Alok Sharma: “Government must explain how new oil and gas is consistent with net zero”link

‘Colleague of mine put it well – Just Stop Oil commit minor crimes in public in the full knowledge they’ll be arrested, oil companies commit major crimes in private knowing they’ll get away with it.’ @DominicMHinde on Twitter

Thursday OCTOBER 27th – 21C/11C

Garden Court Chambers (Barristers committed to fighting injustice, defending human rights and upholding the rule of law) say ‘exceptional threat to freedom of expression posed by The Public Order Bill 2022’ link

International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook:  Energy Crisis is Fossil Fuel Crisis – ‘No one should imagine that Russia’s invasion can justify a wave of new oil and gas infrastructure in a world that wants to reach net zero emissions by 2050’  link

UN finds no credible pathway to 1.5  All sectors had to avoid locking in new fossil fuel infrastructure, contrary to plans in many countries, including the UK, to develop new oil and gas fields. A study published this week found “large consensus” across all published research that new oil and gas fields are “incompatible” with the 1.5C target. link

UN Environment Programme Emissions Gap report makes clear we are headed for economy-destroying levels of global heating link

Shell announce huge profits link

Friday OCTOBER 28th – 19C/11C

Government will miss the legal deadline for publishing nature targets, as specified in the Environment Act link

Rishi Sunak received £141,000 from energy interests this year link

New Environment Secretary, Therese Coffey MP, champions using reusable cups as good habit to address climate concerns. link

Saturday OCTOBER 29th – 22C/11C

Almost Half of Earth’s Vital Signs Are Now ‘Code Red’ (meaning they’re at record extremes), Scientists Warn link

We’re now faced with a stark choice: make quick and meaningful changes to the way we live our lives and treat the planet, or face the very real possibility of global societal collapse further down the line.’

“Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels….Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”

Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General, April 2022