The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) is a bill (a draft law) which was introduced to Parliament in September by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. The Bill currently has the declared support of over 90 MPs from across seven different political parties. It aims to commit the UK to more ambitious targets to combat the climate and ecological crisis.


Although the UK government does have a climate plan, it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Scientists have repeatedly warned that unless developed countries like the UK take radical steps to reduce  greenhouse gas emissions and to protect nature, there will be catastrophic consequences for all life, including humans. We must act more urgently and seriously..

  • The UK’s current plans don’t take into account carbon emissions from aviation, shipping and the CO2 used to manufacture goods that we import from the rest of the world. Together, these represent a whopping 47% of our real emissions. The CEE Bill would change that.
  • The CEE Bill will also commit the UK to protect and restore biodiversity and the quality of the soil that we use to grow food.
  • The CEE Bill emphasises that we need to protect natural carbon sinks (like peat bogs and forests) and not rely on technology for carbon capture, which has yet to be invented, or on loopholes like ‘offsetting’
  • The CEE Bill will commit the UK to ensuring that the supply chains for goods that come into the UK do not depend on processes and products which harm the natural ecosystem in other parts of the world.
  • The CEE Bill recommends binding citizen’s assemblies – so that ordinary people will guide the decisions made by politicians about our future.


The CEE Bill is not a party political issue. It puts a commitment to nature and to human wellbeing in the future above party politics. Because it is not a government bill, and the government’s position is that they are already doing enough, Conservative MPs have been told not to support the bill. Although some Labour MPs are supporting the Bill, it doesn’t yet have the backing of the Labour Party either.

We need to build groundswell support for this bill. MPs need to hear that their constituents want them to take more serious action. Even if the Bill does not become law, the more support it receives from MPs across all parties, the more pressure will be placed on the government to take more urgent and serious action. This is particularly important at a time when the UK is preparing to host the next big international climate conference (COP26, in November 2021) and needs to be taking a lead by setting a bold example for the world to follow.


The MP for Mole Valley is Sir Paul Beresford of the Conservative Party. His current stated position is that he will not back the bill. This is the standard position being taken by all Conservative MPs  on instruction from the party machine. You can email him at annie.winsbury@parliament.uk.

If you do not live in the Mole Valley area, you can use the website Write To Them to find your MP and send an email to them.

Please tell  your MP that, as their constituent, you want them to take your concerns about the climate and ecological crisis seriously and not just to follow their party’s line. (Include your address in your letter because MPs can only respond to their own constituents.)

You can draw from the points above to make your argument. If you prefer, here is a standard template letter which you can adapt for your own purposes. It is always best to put letters in your own words, and a handwritten letter can have more impact.

You can use this parliament website to find your MP and their contact details if you want to send them a letter or email.


When you get a reply from your MP, it will probably give reasons as to why they won’t support the CEE Bill. You don’t have to just accept what they say. It will be helpful to reply again.

For a guide to how your MP is being guided by their party machine and how to respond, please click here


This is a numbers game. The more letters and emails your MP gets about this, the more chance they will change their position. Ask members of your family and friends who live in your constituency to write as well.

To find our more about what the CEE Bill says, you can go to: ceebill.uk

Thank you for your support!